Since this is my first entry on my NEW blog at blogger, I’ll introduce myself I guess. I’m Jaffer Haider, currently a Computer Science student at LUMS (only for a couple of months till graduation though, so won’t be one for long). After my BSc is done, I hope to get a decent job, and well … lets see where life takes me from there on. 🙂

My previous blog can be found here (host at It was made primarily as a log of my activities as a Microsoft Student Ambassador. The spoke proved a little dull for me, so I’ve shifted to blogger, which seems much more alive if you will. Should be fun blogging here.


3 thoughts on “Shifting…

  1. Usman Ilyas says:

    Welcome to the Blogger, dude 🙂

  2. Usman Ilyas says:

    and you just received the honour of getter your first (and second too) comment ME, hehe

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