Applying at Microsoft

Since most of us are entering the job market these days (yours truely included), we’ve been scurring around trying to apply for every eligible job possible.

People in Pakistan can apply at Microsoft by sending their Resume’s to Be sure to check out this post on Microsoft’s job blog, which contains instructions on what to write in your resume. Be sure to check related items in the left column on this page, which contains interview tips and other useful stuff.

Good luck to all who are applying for work this year!


5 thoughts on “Applying at Microsoft

  1. Usman Ilyas says:

    Quiz trivia:

    What the worst answer to the question, “What your favorite application” in a microsoft interview?

    The answer i gave was “Mozilla firefox”, and to top that I even compared it with Internet Explorer 😦

  2. Oh CRAP!!!! Man … you must have been nervous!! Good luck! Hope you get in! 🙂

  3. Usman Ilyas says:

    Well … when the result came … and lets say it actually increased their respect in front of me … coz atleast they dont judge you based on if you like there product or not and brave enough to tell them (or may be its what i think) … anyways finally i have been called on to dubai for last series of interview … cool as it may sound but the trip scares the bejesus out of me that this day might be deciding my future (or atleast one major path of future)

    Pray for me that I make it

  4. techwoo says:

    Nice blog. I added to my twitter. Your topic Applying at Microsoft very good. i post it to my forum

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