BSA vs Piracy

Read in the news paper today that the BSA (Business Software Alliance) has given a grace period till late May 2006 (don’t remember the exact date), after which it will start cracking down on piracted software used by businesses and home users. I say its about time, since piracy is the number one cause why our domestic tech industry is not flourishing. 80% of the software used in Pakistan is pirated, which is a HUGE percentage.

But before you start uninstalling your copy of ‘special edition’ Windows XP and start looking out the window for suspicious government people, have a look at this story on The News website (dated Jan 25 2006). Apparently there was a grace period which ended on the 29th of January 2006, and I don’t think there was a huge anti-piracy campaign following that. I hope there is one this time around, ’cause we certainly need some shaking up.

I guess I’ll go and start saving money for a licensed Windows Vista…….


2 thoughts on “BSA vs Piracy

  1. Usman Ilyas says:

    Honestly, I still dont believe that this is going to happen anytime soon … coz the revolutionary anti-piracy movement started in pakistan way back and hasn’t ended … and i dont think paki govt official will be breaking down our doors to check if we have a licensed copies of windows or not … and it isnt only windows … no one can check if every program in your computer is ligitimate … khair if this is to be implemented there will be number of corruption cases cropping up.

    Although i do agree that there should be an end to piracy coz otherwise there cant be any industry of useful application software (by which i ment non-custom made programs) in Pakistan. And software companies should introduce special packages and incenties for Pakistan just to get people move to it. Other Open Source Zindabaad, Almost all the distros of linux are available for free to download and they contain all the software suite required.

    Khair lets see what the future … everyone knows that one day piracy will end in Pakistan … lets see when that time comes.

  2. Absolutely agree with you. What needs to happen is that original software needs to be sold at a competitive price, and people need to understand that Windows for instance is NOT worth Rs.50.

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