.NET Application Security Seminar on the 26th

The Microsoft .NET Application Security Seminar has been scheduled to be held on the 26th of April (coming Wednesday) in LUMS (A-13 Auditorium). The event will inshallah start at 3:30pm and should go up till around 5:30. The speakers weren’t given a lot of time to prepare for the event, just 2-3 days, so I hope they can come up with good content, and top their presentations that they gave in the Launch. Mr. Rai Yawar will be returning to give a presentation, and we will also be having a speaker from Multilynx, a Microsoft Partner in Pakistan.

Would have been nice if Mr. Saqib Ilyas were speaking, since people at the Launch liked his presentation…

With Bolan (LUMS crappy mail server) down most of the time these days, I’m having a hard time advertising about this event. I guess I’ll have to rely on user groups and going to students and facultly members individually to get them interested about the event. As always, students from FAST are interested in attending the event, and I’m hoping to seeing quite a few of them at this seminar as well.

Gonna have to go into turbo mode for the next couple of days, deadlines are piling up really quickly … wish me luck for the event people! (And if you’re in lahore on the 26th, COME!!!) ^_^


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