BSc 2006 Senior Projects (CS)

Yesterday and today saw the final presentations of all Computer Science senior projects for the 2006 batch. We being Group #1 had to give the first presentation (yesterday), which was a good thing since there weren’t a lot of people around during our presentation, thus we didn’t get asked any tricky questions. Me and Amer gave the presentation on behalf of our group. We also probably had the smallest presentation, but I hope that we got our message across.

Some of the presentations were very good, interesting projects, nice ideas, some were really boring. The highlight of yesterdays presentations was the Nirala project, which was really impressive, and the Dean, Vice Chancellor and people from Nirala had come to see the presentation and award the students involved with prizes. The project was very nicely done. Before that, the project blitzing by Dr. Umar Saif was interesting as well. He seemed really disappointed with the work done by students, and rightly so. Most of the students hadn’t done as much as they should have. The senior project experience would have probably been quite different for us if Dr. Saif was incharge.

Didn’t attend all of the presentations that were held today, infact, they are probably going on right now. I really liked the Hospital communication system thingy project. Those guys are the only entry for the Imagine Cup 2006 from LUMS, hope they do well. VirtuaCell Game Deck by Aatir, Kashif, Osman and Adnan was impressive as usual. Hope they get it sold to WaridTel, will make an excellent VAS.

I’ve got 2 placement interviews today, both at local software houses. Don’t have much to expect from them, just going to give the interview for the experience of it. I’m hoping they turn out to be nice companies with good packages so that I can seriously think of working there, but they’ll be no multi-nationals I guess :/


2 thoughts on “BSc 2006 Senior Projects (CS)

  1. Usman Ilyas says:


    i just checked this post. so wassup these days 🙂

  2. Hey man. Get ur blog back up! :)–>

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