Lahore low on Juice

Coming back from work today I saw that almost all of the billboards along the way were powered off. No lights. As a result the roads looked unusually dark as well.

All of this is a glaring reminder of the acute power crisis that our country is facing and that nothing is being done to solve it. This is the first winter that is experiencing heavy amounts of loadshedding, which is a first for me. If it’s so bad in the winters, wonder what’ll happen in the summer. Who needs the U.S. to bomb us back to the stoneage, we’ve got our bungling politicians to do that. Wonder when the long awaited dams will finally get built (doesn’t look like any time soon).

I took some photos while I was driving (yes yes I’m a hazard on the road … I don’t preach what I do), see for yourself.

Lights out

No lights on the boards …

DHA board On

Only saw the DHA sign powered on.

Lights out

Even the Subway advert was off on the outlet on my way home …

I say go out and buy an oil lamp, it’s going to get pretty dark soon :-}


3 thoughts on “Lahore low on Juice

  1. Usman Ilyas says:

    Boy when did you move to wordpress … you never told … anyways welcome to wordpress, i am sure you will like it compared to blogspot … and yes drive safe 🙂

  2. jafferhaider says:

    Moved a couple of days ago. It’s awesome compared to blogspot … 😀

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