The things I have to do for IE

Below is a screenshot of what my system display looked like when I (unfortunately) needed to use Internet Explorer 7 from my work machine. The project I’m working on these days requires that I work in Fedora Core, so I didn’t have the luxury of having IE on my desktop.

To access IE 6, I just Remote Desktop a Windows 2003 Server machine and am able to use it without a problem. When IE 7 came out, we tried installing it on a Windows Server machine that our project uses, and ended up screwing over Windows on that machine. After spending some hours trying to persuade the machine to bootup properly, we dropped the idea of installing IE 7.

That was some months ago … today I needed to use IE 7 again, so I went to the QA dept. and asked if they had a IE 7 machine lying around. The result was that I had to Remote Desktop to a Windows Server machine, Desktop Share to another Windows machine, and open up a Virtual Machine on that machine which had IE 7 on it, from which I had to hit Tomcat running on MY machine, from which I was accessing all of this in the first place. So I had 2 machines and 1 virtual machine accessed from my computer accessing my computer. Get it? No? Yeah me neither.

Entangled Windows

Incidentally, the reason why I had to use IE 7 was to verify a animation related bug that was reported on IE. Turns out, when a web form is submitted on a page, IE stops all animated gifs (Safari and FireFox work fine). To make it work in IE, you have to do something like this on the onsubmit event of the form:

if (document.images){
document.getElementById('progressBarImg').src = imgProgressBar.src;
return false;

Basically you’re submitting the form first and then setting the image in the DOM, so that it avoids being blocked by IE when it submits the form.

UPDATE: Note that Element.showIf in the above code is part of the prototype javascript library, and not part of standard javascript.


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