Blogspot unblocked in Pakistan

I’m beginning to feel there’s a conspiracy against me and my blogging aspirations. When I started blogging at theSpoke (started off as a Microsoft Student Ambassador on the site, promoting Imagine Cup 2006), the entire competition came to an end and people stopped visiting the site.

When I started blogging at, it got blocked in Pakistan.

Now when I start anew here at WordPress, they go and unblock Blogspot. Here’s my old blog there btw. Now I’m torn between staying here and going back. I wonder if this unblocking is permanent or temporary, since blogspot was unblocked in the past for a short period of time. Here’s an old entry about one of those unblocking incidents.

I hope the Internet Censorship Committee or whatever they are called make up their mind and block or unblock (hopefully) the site for good. Only time will tell I guess …

UPDATE: It was a momentary lapse in security. is again not accessible. (It still works via{yourblogname}


5 thoughts on “Blogspot unblocked in Pakistan

  1. Manas says:

    Stay, I’d say. It’s much more airy here. ‘Cept that they don’t allow you to edit the html of the template.

    I discovered your blog today. The punchline is nice.

  2. Jaffer says:

    Yeah I’ll stay, like it here. Have been meaning to change the template so that I can get more stuff on the page.

    Thanks for liking the punch line … 😀

  3. Usman Ilyas says:

    lol … i too will say to stay with wordpress … as far as blogspot is concerned i heard that govt. had unblocked it some time back but many ISPs never bothered to unblock them, but i myself am not completely sure on that story.

  4. Jaffer says:

    Yeah … ok … thanks for the comment Saad 🙂

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