Pakistan Anime Convention 2

I wasn’t aware that anime lovers in Pakistan had advanced so much. There was a Pakistan Anime Convention (apparently the 2nd time) in Karachi on 13th Jan. Details of the convention can be found at the following links:

thread at WCCFTech, from where I first heard about it (be sure to click the Flickr link for more images)

Blood, gore … and a purpose @ DAWN

The purpose for such an event as stated by the people in charge (clicky) is:

The purpose of this event is to promote Anime and educate people about Anime and Manga and provide an event. This event will be focused towards clearing the conception of the modern ‘cartoon’, thus allowing more people to appreciate this kind of entertainment.

Something which I embrace with open arms. I’m tired to having to hide that I watch (well, used to watch … see? It’s become a part of my nature now …) anime just because of fear of such a reaction.

In reality, I haven’t taken out much time to watch any recently. I’ve got so much of Bleach to catch up, and I’m getting these strange cravings to watch FMA & FMP again. FMA pwns all!!


10 thoughts on “Pakistan Anime Convention 2

  1. Usman Ilyas says:

    Aala … i never knew about that too

  2. Jaffer says:

    Didn’t know you watched anime … 🙂

  3. ZeeSh says:

    Yo thanks for the blog entry about the second con. Hoping to have a third- would love it if you could spend some time participating

  4. Great! Its being held in Karachi? Can you post a link to some info site/post … ?

  5. Asad Ali says:

    Meh… I didnt know .. !! can sumone plese email me the details fr the thrid !! onegaishimasu!!!

  6. Katrina says:

    Anime covention in Pakistan?! I never imagined that! Are they gonna hold another one? I’d like to go, but I probably can’t for the next few years 😦

  7. animelover says:

    can you please tell when is the next convention happening cuz i want to go pfrofessional in this field

  8. kawaiineko~chan says:

    will there be a ani-con in islamabad??? OwO

  9. Johnf416 says:

    I truly prize your function, Wonderful post. cedcedfbaeek

  10. Amnah says:

    Why the hell is it always Karachi!? The anime fans in Lahore are dying hereee!!!

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