Wateen WiMAX – The Mole People cometh!

In what is believed to be the largest WiMAX network of its kind, Motorola has been selected as primary supplier to Pakistan’s Wateen Telecom, part of Warid Telecom International, to plan, design and deploy a nationwide WiMAX network.

from Telecommunications Online.

Sounds impressive right? Pictures below are the actual result of all of this (view from my porch).

Wateen Digging 1 Wateen Digging 2Wateen Digging 3

Wateen has been digging up the Defence neighborhood for a couple of months now (since we’re lucky enough to be the first to receive their WiMAX based services). They’ve finally reached where I live. This is the second time we’ve had our lawn dug up, first it was WorldCall a few years back, now Wateen. Why don’t the DHA people make some dedicated underground cabling system or something, so that whenever a new telecom company wants to start their services, they don’t have dig up everything in sight? That’s the beauty of living in Pakistan, there’s no planning whatsoever … always be prepared to get showel’d (if there’s such a word).

Another thought, if WiMAX is supposed to be wireless, why the heck are they installing underground wires. Shouldn’t there be signal towers like GSM or something???

On a serious note though, services by Wateen should be awesome. It’s great to see that Pakistan was considered to be the first to have the largest WiMAX network in the world. Hats off to our Telecom Industry, which has shown insane growth in the past couple of years. For more news on Wateen and other next gen IT stuff happening in Pakistan, check out this blog.


5 thoughts on “Wateen WiMAX – The Mole People cometh!

  1. Jaffer says:

    Heh … I wonder where else Wateen is planning to provide their services, after DHA …

  2. Manas says:

    The car that you see in the background (first pic), is that a maruti? It looks very much like a M800!

  3. Jaffer says:

    It’s the Maruti M800 equivalent in Pakistan, Suzuki Mehran. Most of the Suzuki and Hyundai models are identical in Pakistan and India, only the names differ…

  4. […] good to see Wateen’s services finally starting in full swing (after years of hard work and tearing up people’s lawns). In DHA they’re offering their ‘Triple Play Experience’ package, which offers […]

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