Vista voice recognition gone awry

BIG Oopsie for Microsoft. Although this was some months ago, I don’t have high expectations of Vista’s VR capabilities. Then again, none of the VR softwares I’ve used have actually ever worked as well …


2 thoughts on “Vista voice recognition gone awry

  1. saad says:

    honestly such events are pleasantly surprising. as cynical as it may sound but its great to know that only God reserves the right of not messing up ever. Altho this wasn’t even nature’s doing, this was simply their own mess.

    i enjoyed this a lot! xD

  2. Jaffer says:

    Yeah man, you’re right. And there’s nothing cynical about what you’re saying 🙂

    I expected as much from Microsoft, for the simple reason that making a web browser is probably tons easier than making a voice recognition system, and Microsoft have yet to make IE work properly. They should focus on what they’re best at, quantity, NOT quality (or innovation).

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