Google + Ubuntu = Goobuntu.

Currently it only exists for Google employees. Good to hear that Ubuntu is benefiting from the enhancements/bug fixes from the guys at Google. Google probably won’t release it as a product. Don’t see why they’d do that. It’s a hot topic for speculation nonetheless.


3 thoughts on “Goobuntu

  1. saad says:

    you should be getting paid by Ubuntu for all this!

  2. Jaffer says:

    Dude Ubuntu is open source. Most of the people working on it are volunteers. Very few people are getting paid 🙂 And it’s being funded by one South African millionaire, Mike Shuttleworth (one of the first space tourists btw), who’s pumping in round about $10 million per release (or per year, don’t remember correctly), purely on a whim that it’ll get good enough that he’ll start getting his money back 🙂
    It’s wacky man. Open Source as a business model is wacky.

  3. saad says:

    so you are hoping you will get paid later?! =p

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