Dust and Graphics Cards – A Tragedy


It’s everywhere.

After losing two of my Nvidia graphics cards to it, I know all too well that it’s everywhere. Nothing stops it. If it wants in, it gets in. It doesn’t care how expensive your graphics card is. It doesn’t care how high end it is (mine are typically mid range =p). It doesn’t care. Period.

The first card I lost was the great Ti4600. Gem of a card. One of the best in its time. 4 years after I bought it, its fan got completely swamped in dust bunnies.

Just today I found out that my 6600GT‘s fan had stopped working. I hadn’t played any graphics heavy game in a year so I have no idea how long it’s been kaput. I got to know when I installed CnC Tiberium Wars and the PC started hanging and restarting during the game. I had a closer look at the card and lo and behold, the fan wasn’t spinning.
I pull out my trusty air blower and have at the PC for a good couple of minutes, making sure that no more dust is coming out.
I check again. It isn’t spinning.

Amer tells me that taking apart the fan and cleaning it should fix it. I take out the card and try and remove the dust as best as I can. Due to lack of a small screwdriver at my disposal, I’m unable to take the fan apart. Hoping for the best, I install the card back in. I boot up the PC.

It isn’t spinning.

Just then I get Zeeshan’s message that he lost a fan to dust some years back too, the motor burnt due to excessive load because of the dust. Dejected, I check one last time.

It isn’t spinning.

So that’s my sob story guys. As Saad rightly pointed out at a dinner some days back, the weapon of tomorrow is Dust. Forget nukes. Forget your Navy. Forget your Air Force. Just pump lots and lots of dust into your enemies atmosphere, and watch them grind to a halt.

So how do YOU protect your computer from Dust? (recommend a new card while you’re at it)


It’s everywhere.


One thought on “Dust and Graphics Cards – A Tragedy

  1. saad says:

    yaar u know my proposed solution for this problem.

    somehow make it a gora man’s problem as well. im sure they will figure out a solution for it and then we can always copy it. =p

    or maybe just maybe .. they got no dust because they already figured out a solution and don’t want us to find out. maybe dan brown got it wrong. gora man’s dust soluton is the biggest kept secret of mankind, NOT christ’s blood line =p.

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