I Wii

Nintendo WiiToday I bought my kid brothers a Nintendo Wii (yes, not the most enthusiastic of post beginnings, but I’m tired from all that Wii Tennis, Baseball and Boxing).

Words cannot describe fully the Wii experience. Before I had even seen or played a Wii for real, I’d gone over many articles and reviews on the Web and on TV about how it provides a truly unique gaming experience. But none of that prepared me for my first forehand in Wii Sports Tennis. It was a truly amazing experience. I’d put it right up there with when I played Gears of War for the first time. Maybe(Probably) even better than that.

With titles like Resident Evil 4 and Soul Calibur Legends, I’m really looking forward to trying out new games on the Wii.

Well Done Nintendo!


One thought on “I Wii

  1. […] is the Wiimote for the popular Wii gaming console by Nintendo (I got mine last year – get yours now). I really didn’t expect Wateen to copy something so blatantly (ok so they […]

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