Team Pakistan (AVRiL) – Imagine Cup 07

The 2007 installment of Microsoft’s premiere student technology competition, the Imagine Cup (check out the ad @ YouTube), will be drawing to a close later this year in August when finalists for the Software Design invitational congregate in Seoul, South Korea to determine who will take home the Cup.

The team representing Pakistan this year in the Software Design category hails from LUMS. The 4 man Team AVRiL’s (Automated Video Recording of Lectures) project is about “promoting distance learning programs by reducing the cost of recording lecture videos by removing the human element from the process”. (team profile)

Check out their promo on YouTube:

They’re up against 55 other finalists in the Software Design invitational, so they’ve got their work cut out. Last I talked to one of the team members, they were working on adding the final bells and whistles, as the main core is mostly complete. I’ve had the opportunity of working with a couple of these guys in the past at LUMS; with Yahya during the CodinGuru 2006 and a couple of courses and met Tayyab during Softech ’06, and I think they’re the best bunch from the 2007 batch at LUMS to be representing Pakistan at the Finals.

I wonder if they’ve got bigger plans for their project after the Imagine Cup. It would be great if they work with LUMS on a customized solution for the campus. During my Senior year at LUMS, I had a course that was having its classes recorded, and having an automated system would be a lot better (and cheaper). Maybe LUMS could provide lecture videos and course material at subsidized rates (or free) to online users (something along the lines of OCW) or provide this material to other schools and colleges for people who can’t afford that quality of education, or maybe strike a partnership with VU or AIOU. I hope team AVRiL can shed some light on their plans.

Good luck for the Finals guys!!


4 thoughts on “Team Pakistan (AVRiL) – Imagine Cup 07

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  2. Yahya Cheema says:

    Thank you Jaffer! 🙂 Your support means a lot and thanks also for being the one who provided the activation energy we needed to go ahead with this, if it hadn’t been for all the publicizing you did for the Imagine Cup while you were the Microsoft Ambassador at LUMS this might not have been possible.

    As to your question about whether it will actually be implemented, you should expect to see AVRiL in LUMS classes starting from the next academic year inshaAllah. Even if LUMS doesnt start a distance learning program or make its lectures available to the public, it will certainly help all who miss classes and need to revise in a hurry before an exam. We’re alhamdulillah pretty hopeful and are aiming at putting AVRiL in classrooms the world over!

  3. Great to hear that Imagine Cup work has finally begun to bear some fruit. You guys are doing a fantastic job.
    Good luck for the finals! And keep me posted on AVRiL’s progress at LUMS!

  4. Ali Ashfaq says:

    Nice to hear all these and and very interesting project for me on which u guyz are working….Good luck for you guyz….. Yahya always write ALLAH TABARK TALLAH’S Name in Capital ….. even in INSHALLAH, MASHALLAH or ALHAMDULILALLAH. 🙂

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