Games in Javascript – Pointless

I came across a Javascript Game Library some time back, while I myself was working on a cross-browser graphics library, trying to make the canvas tag work the same across all browsers. (Btw, Explorer Canvas is great to have when making your canvas code run on IE6. It’s still not ready for production sites though, as the performance on IE6 is pretty abysmal, but it’s still a nice thing to have)

Coming back to the game library, I find it completely pointless. It would have been great to have something like this a decade back maybe, when Flash wasn’t as widely available as it is now. I gave some of these Javascript games a whirl, but most didn’t run on Firefox, and those that did run on IE6 had atrocious ‘graphics’. Why would you go through the pain of wandering through the maze of cross browser issues and wrestling with the obvious lack of any graphical power in Javascript and try to make a game in it, when you can just make a better looking one in Flash or Silverlight?

I’m a huge Javascript nut, but I know its limitations. Game graphics isn’t what Javascript was designed to do. Although many apps on the web these days are pushing the limits of browsers and Javascript, enjoyable games in a native browser environment are still a long way off.


2 thoughts on “Games in Javascript – Pointless

  1. Wilf says:

    Interesting (and I note dated) post.
    I suspect that HTML5 will see JavaScripted games catching up on Flash in a fairly short timespan.
    Crucially of course IE9+ will support the tech.
    Put it this way, I dislike Flash (and browser plug-ins in general) so I hope this is the case. 🙂

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