Wateen copies the Wiimote? C’mon!

It’s good to see Wateen’s services finally starting in full swing (after years of hard work and tearing up people’s lawns). In DHA they’re offering their ‘Triple Play Experience’ package, which offers Internet, telephony and cable TV services. Their marketing campaign has been huge and top notch as expected from the sister company of Warid. We’ve finally started getting package brochures and have sales people ringing bells every other day.

Here’s a partial photo (pardon the shabby picture taking) of the brochure that I got.

Wateen’s Wiimote?

See the resemblance with the photo below? (actually you’d be able to see a lot of resemblance if I had taken the photo a little better =p)

The Wiimote

This is the Wiimote for the popular Wii gaming console by Nintendo (I got mine last year – get yours now). I really didn’t expect Wateen to copy something so blatantly (ok so they added a couple of extra buttons …), and then put it on the front of their brochures. Ok so there’s a miniscule percentage of Wateen’s clientele who’ll have heard of or seen the Wii, but still, it was a letdown for me.

What I’m still wondering about is what this remote is for? I don’t see how one would use it on a TV. It’s definitely not a telephone. Can anyone from Wateen clarify what this contraption will do?


2 thoughts on “Wateen copies the Wiimote? C’mon!

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