Working from Home

My Home Office

I’ve been working from home since I joined CDF Software about 2 months ago back in December. Here’s how it’s been:

The Good Stuff

  • Free food (free as in non-alcoholic beer)
  • No IT dept. saying I can’t use YouTube
  • Frequent fridge raids
  • My choice of furniture
  • Duel Masters with my kid brothers during lunch break (I’ve become a super awesome pro)
  • Did I mention free food?
  • Can switch from desk+chair+heater setup to a bed+quilt+heater setup in a jiffy if it gets too cold
  • No waiting in traffic to get home
  • Road trips of the office in Islamabad (haven’t had one yet, looking forward to one though)

The Not So Good Stuff

  • Increasing waistline (did I mention food up there?)
  • No waiting in traffic while going to work
  • Don’t get to see the sun that much
  • General indigestion (too much to eat I guess…)
  • No white boards and markers
  • Work hours can be hazy (really easy to get carried away and pull a nighter…)
  • No colleagues around to bug, poke and generally make miserable
  • No free air conditioning (it’s going to get interesting in the summers…)

Generally you don’t hear too often someone working from home in Pakistan. Although I miss being in the same room with my team, still working from home is great fun. I believe more companies should explore such options, since they turn out to be very cost effective for both the employer and employee. And if the resource you hire is capable enough, the overhead of communication isn’t that bad.


4 thoughts on “Working from Home

  1. I work from home at times when the release date seems to approach too fast and one thing that I can vouch for is “Work hours can be hazy”. This at times makes me feel (and more than me perhaps my family) that the line between personal and work life is diminishing.
    Have been trying to keep balance so, ne tips on that?

  2. To keep balance you need to
    a) Not waste time during work hours. It’s usually easier and tempting to do that home with your family all around you. More time on the job during work hours will mean less need to work late.

    b) But more importantly, you should know WHEN to say ‘enough’, work time’s over, need to get back to life. It’s all very nice to be committed to what you do, enjoy what you do etc, but drawing the line, and knowing your priorities is equally important.

    How’s working at home been for you?

  3. For me, working from home has both been convenient as well as crazy. Convenient…when I’m not feeling well or have some concerns regarding the law and order situation in the city then I can complete all the assigned tasks staying at home. Crazy when the release is due next day and I need to work at home as well after working for 9 hours at office :S (Just need to point out that I go to office and telecommute only when needed)

  4. […] got a sweet home office setup. Much better than before. Will upload pictures one of these […]

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