GeniDo – Granting your first wish (Offline Basecamp)

It was rightly predicted that the next big thing on the Web would be offline support from the web applications that we know and love. More and more offline apps keep popping up everywhere. The latest one to roll out is GeniDo (click to see demo video), a product by GeniTeam (founded by LUMS alumni).

I think it’s a great product idea, given the huge user base of Basecamp (more details at G&W). It’ll be great to see similar products for other web applications like rememberthemilk, backpack etc.

Regarding offline support for web apps, Flex and Google Gears have helped a lot in providing the infrastructure. I personally am really excited about Firefox 3’s offline app support (demo). Will finally have a reason to consider building Firefox only apps …


6 thoughts on “GeniDo – Granting your first wish (Offline Basecamp)

  1. HI Jaffer
    Thanks for endorsing the idea.
    Just as a clarification our developed center is located in 31 , Street 14 Cavalry Ground Lahore. We have strong ties with LUMS, as major workforce including the founder are LUMS graudates.

  2. Thank you for the clarification Khurram. I’ve made the correction in the post.

  3. Thanks a bunch!
    This time we are keeping everyone posted on our experience with totally new opportunity window. I hope this will serve as a good case for technoprenuers in Pakistan.

  4. Great! Do keep me posted … I’d love to cover any new things that you guys might be working on.

  5. Asad Anwar says:

    I wonder how i got here …. i was searching God knows what and i found Jaffer Haider … and it turns out its the jaffar i know 🙂 … totally agreee with u working from home is sooo much cooler … i’m hoping i can start that … tk cr dude …

  6. Rod says:

    There is an offline app for Backpack. It’s called Packrat. Find out more at

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