Firefox 3 – Why so few pledges from Pakistan?!

Firefox 3 is coming out tomorrow, and this time around Mozilla is going for a Guinness Record for the most software downloads in a day.

So far there have only been 1971 pledges from Pakistan. That puts us in the same category as countries like Ecuador, Belarus, Sri Lanka, Algeria and Egypt. Iran has a whopping 8684 pledges! And they’re right next door to us. (there’s no point in drawing comparisons with India)

Wasn’t Pakistan supposed to have one of the fastest growing tech industries? I thought our software industry and our ‘techies’ in general were a lot more enthusiastic about technology and generally well informed.

And Firefox is more than a web browser, for us web developers it’s a full fledge IDE. I simply can’t imagine web development without Firefox and Firebug. I shudder when I remember the days when we developed applications using Internet Explorer, and pretty much guessed what was going wrong with markup rendering.

So what’s wrong with us? Why are there so few pledges? What factors determine the level of participation in such events? Are we Pakistani’s inherently insular?

UPDATE: At least some Pakistani’s are doing the right thing. The awesome people at WCCFTech have put up a banner and I’m sure they’ve been the source of many pledges.


5 thoughts on “Firefox 3 – Why so few pledges from Pakistan?!

  1. Asjad says:

    It is simple because actually Pakis are not so tech savvy.
    Our IT ppl basically concentrate on the following:
    1. Photoshop
    2. Maya 3D
    3. Windows
    4. MS Office
    5. Basic Programming
    6. Oracle
    There are very few open source enthusiast in Pakistan. While learning MS products is not a bad thing but if we want to be part of the elites we should learn to make our own softwares/DBs/OSs (atleast distros) and participate in the open source phenomenon.

    Firefox is open source and is technically the most customizable and best browser out there. But as you pointed out the level of enhusiasm in PK is depressing.

    I am very sorry to say but the IT revolution in Pakistan has just not arrived.

  2. I agree that using Microsoft and other commercial software is not a bad thing, Open Source software is very relevant for us in Pakistan, especially considering the price tag of commercial software when converted to ruppees.

    But I guess that’s hard to appreciate when you can go out and buy most of the software you’ve mentioned above in one DVD for Rs.100 from Hafeez Center :/

  3. Amer Mahmud says:

    Maybe the word hasn’t spread enough. Firefox 2 had 1.6 million downloads on its launch day, yet there are only 1.4 million pledges and today is the FF3 launch!

  4. Sawant says:

    Yeah I think it happened too quickly. I was not aware of it either. Though I had been running FF 3 RC1 since its release, and I have blogged about the problems I faced with the RC1 too. In fact, my current Firefox 3 RC1 is still showing me that RC2 is available for download (and not the final version).

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