Daylight Savings, a concept lost on us

I was waiting outside Siddique Trade Center (Lahore) the other day, waiting for my mom to wrap up shopping and come out (I can’t go within 10 feet of a tailor shop and not feel nauseous) . As soon as the clock struck 8, the lights outside and neon signs on the building came on.


Notice that because of daylight savings the sun hasn’t gone down yet and there’s lots of sunlight. I waited there for another 30 minutes, and there was still enough light that you didn’t need to turn on those lamps.

What’s the point of having daylight savings if people (I’m guessing Siddique TC is not the only culprit) are still switching on lights at the old times. Can’t they SEE the sunlight?! And its not like we’ve got lots of electricity to spare. Even now as I’m writing this, the power is out and I’m going to have to wait for it to come back before publishing this post.

So what’s the basic problem here? Lack of eyesight? =p Lack of consideration? And how do we fix this nationwide problem?


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