Google ups the Ante with Chrome

2820302020_eb39fa50e0 Google has officially entered the browser market as of yesterday with their Google Chrome browser. It’s a completely new take on browsers (especially some of the technical aspects unknown to normal users) with a focus on making the browser a faster and safer platform for web applications and to move the focus from the browser to the web site.

I’ve moved to Chrome as my primary browser from the awesome Firefox 3. There are some features lacking in Chrome that I was used to in Firefox 3, but comparing a mature browser like Firefox with a first Beta isn’t really fair. And I’m sure plugins for Chrome will make up for any feature deficiencies, like they did for Firefox 1 and 2.

So far my Chrome experience has been exceptional. The browser loads really quickly and is very responsive. The one feature I absolutely LOVE is the omnibar, great job on that Google! I won’t talk about the features of Chrome in detail, since that’s been done already by a lot of people here (John Resig), here and an article on Internet News.

But before you check out any of those be sure to read the comics introducing Chrome (by Google), they’re very insightful.


It’ll be interesting to see how the browser market share shifts. Will Chrome take the users away from Firefox or Internet Explorer? I’m guessing Firefox, since the user base of Firefox is most likely to consist of early adopters. Majority of the people who use the Internet Explorer family of browsers hardly know of any other browser.

I’m very excited, as a web developer, about the paradigm shift that Chrome will undoubtedly bring in the browser market. And with other exciting projects like Prism, IE8 and the awesome stuff going on at Mozilla labs, we’re all set to change the face of the web as we know it.

P.S. check out these Javascript performance comparisons between Chrome and the other browsers. They’re insane!! The V8 JavaScript Virtual Machine incinerates the competition!


2 thoughts on “Google ups the Ante with Chrome

  1. Hashim says:

    nice!! I knew google was helping the other web browsers but never thought it would release its own!! must try it!

  2. MaxInHat says:

    good article. thanks.

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