The CMU Merry-go-round

photos 003 

Found this stuck to a wall in the cave. This is pretty much what everyone around me is going through. Even the beautiful city of Pittsburgh is starting to go cold and bitter. -_-

The fact that I’m posting this a good one to two months after I took this picture probably gives you a good idea of much time the MSE is leaving me for trivial pursuits such as blogging. *sigh*


2 thoughts on “The CMU Merry-go-round

  1. Amer Mahmud says:


    btw what’s the ‘cave’?

  2. The cave is the area where us MSE teams get assigned cubicles. It’s kinda like simulating an actual workplace. Back when the MSE program started, this area used to be in the basement of some building. That’s why it was called the ‘cave’.

    These days we’re on the first floor, with windows, which is much better 🙂

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