Trip to Baltimore and DC

I got to fly to Baltimore during the Thanksgiving break to visit family there. It was a lot of fun. I’m going to save most of the details for picture captions that I’ve uploaded on Facebook (visible to friends only), but some highlights:

  • Had turkey for Thanksgiving!
  • We stayed up till 4am and shopped on Black Friday. I didn’t buy anything though, because I didn’t want to lug back a ton of stuff on the plane with me. There were some really nice deals at BestBuy though.
  • Went to see the sights in Washington DC. The Capitol building and all the monuments/memorials were very impressive. Nothing like I’ve ever seen before. The entire organization of buildings in that area of DC was very impressive. We also went to China Town, which was pretty cool.
  • Went to the Baltimore Harbor, which was pretty nice. Apparently the hill overlooking the harbor was where Francis Scott Key came up with the inspiration for the American national anthem. There’s a big American flag on that hill to mark this fact.

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