The Come Back Post

Wow it’s almost been a year since I posted anything here. Time to dust off the virtual cobwebs and get back in action!

A lot has happened since my last post, here’s a 30,000ft view:

  • My MSE program at Carnegie Mellon University wrapped up in December 2009. After waiting for the holiday season travel insanity to die down, I and Nida flew back from Pittsburgh in January 2010. Being at CMU was a great experience, one I will cherish forever. The MSE program was really grueling, but rewarding at the same time. A big shout out to my CMU team mates, Sam, Soo-Yung, Benjamas, and Guido! You guys rock!
  • Since coming back (actually a little before that) I’ve been working on PosterMyWall with a partner in Silicon Valley. Working independently on a new product where you make every decision (and thus are responsible for it) has been an interesting experience. I’m glad I took this route, as its been a lot of fun and I’ve learned a lot. All we need to do now is start selling posters …
  • I’ve got a sweet home office setup. Much better than before. Will upload pictures one of these days.

That’s all the personal stuff I’m willing to divulge on the Internet for now :p

Stay tuned for more Web/Usability/Tech posts!


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