FB.login doesn’t work on Google Chrome–Facebook doesn’t seem to care

If your web application’s login mechanism integrates with Facebook’s Login functionality, and if you’re using the latest Javascript SDK from Facebook, you might have noticed that users cannot login if you use the FB.login() Javascript function. This issue’s been there for quite some time now, although I only came across it a few weeks back when I updated PosterMyWall’s Facebook integration (from the legacy ‘REST’ API to the latest graph based API).

So far I haven’t gotten any response from Facebook as to when they’ll get around to fixing this critical issue. I’ve created a question over at Stackoverflow; FB.login dialog does not close on Google Chrome. If you have any non-hacky work-arounds, please respond over at Stackoverflow. Also, be sure to vote-up the Facebook bugzilla ticket linked to in the question.

2 thoughts on “FB.login doesn’t work on Google Chrome–Facebook doesn’t seem to care

  1. Usman Ilyas says:

    I have never integrated any of my accounts with facebook. May be its just me, but I’ve never trusted facebook for some reason.

  2. EB the X says:

    I trust FB less and less each day. They keep updating their privacy statement to let more of your info leak through. And the defaults are set to LESS privacy.
    I think FB is on the way out. I thought so even before Google Plus (no, I’m not being a hipster). I give FB a couple more years, not with me in it, but to survive. After that, it’s join the MySpace party.

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