About Me

I’m Jaffer Haider, a CMU alum, software engineer and product designer. I’m currently the co-founder of PosterMyWall, a website that allows you to create great looking custom posters and photo collages. Customers can purchase their art as high quality prints (various framing options) or high resolution downloads.

I’m also working with Welcoming America on designing and developing their ‘Friends of Welcoming’ platform that brings gamification and social elements to their online community.

This blog used to be a mixture of personal stuff and my thoughts on software. But in a post-Facebook world, you’ll mostly see me writing about technology and software development here.

Post a comment on this page, get in touch on Twitter, on learn more about my professional experience on LinkedIn.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Aqdas Malik says:

    Salam Jaffer,
    I am a Pakistani working for an IT company in Finland. We are planning to conduct focus groups in Pakistan. I tried to locate via web but unfortunately not much information. Do you know any usability companies in Pakistan who could recruit the users and who could rent out their premises for the focus groups?

    If you know a company that have the required facilities for conducting focus group, please let me know.


  2. Salam Aqdas,

    Thanks for your comment. Please drop me an email at jafferhaider@gmail.com, I’ll email you the details asap.


  3. nouman says:

    I must admit now u r very much active other than your job and strictly following what is mentioned in Coding horror article.

    that’s nice keep it up

  4. shanU says:

    dude have u aranged anime CONZ…
    HOW did it go???

  5. @shanU
    Hmm … I think you have me confused with someone else. Never arranged any anime con.

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